Autumn 2013 Updates

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It has been quiet on this blog, but we've been chugging along steadily behind the scenes.

Last week we launched two new features: Projects and Templates. We've been dogfooding these features internally for a while with this blog and our documentation site, which are both sites, and we're excited to share these tools with all of our users.

  • Projects are a new way of managing your websites. You can give each project a separate subdomain and use different folders for each one. This makes it easier to host multiple websites with (coming soon!).

  • Templates give you the ability to reuse layouts and design across pages, which is useful for ensuring consistency across a site. You can define templates in the Slim templating language, and then reference them from your markdown file. For instance, all posts on our blog now use a shared template containing the CSS styles and navigation bar.

We've also been rolling out small improvements to Most notably, we've started using *** subdomains You can now tweak Markdown rendering settings on a per-page basis. The user interface has been improved so you can see more horizontal content.